With the commencement of the Spring 2021 semester, the PAIRS laboratory is excited to welcome a significant number of new members. Our new graduate student members include:

  • Ben Klein, PhD Student (Henley)
  • Jacob McLemore, PhD Student (Williams)
  • Senjuti Dutta, PhD Student (Williams)

Alongside our graduate students, we welcome eight (!) undergraduate research assistants who will help us work

  • Priya Patel, URA (Characterizing Work and Life)
  • Chase Hunter, URA (Computational Papyrology)
  • Gregory Croisdale, URA (Computational Papyrology)
  • Doug Lowe, URA (Understanding Mobile Crowdwork)
  • Terryl Dodson, URA (Understanding Mobile Crowdwork)
  • Racheal Dylewski, URA (Engineering Personal Microtask Systems)
  • Josh Mandzak, URA (Engineering Personal Microtask Systems)
  • Ethan Haworth, URA (Classifying Reasonability on Social Media)

We look forward to a productive Spring term!